What is Chalo India Startup Drive?

Chalo India Startup Drive is a unique initiative to provide a grant of Rs 1 lakh to new and budding Start- up Founders, the Drive aims to bring out Job Creators who can boost the economy of our nation through innovative ideas and concepts.

How long will the Chalo India Startup Drive last?

The Drive has been launched in January of 2022 and will extend till December of 2022. Startups that have applied and failed in one month can continue to apply in other months. The objective here is to keep proving an opportunity to aspiring Startups so that every idea is brought forth.

What is the aim of Chalo India Startup Drive?

We wish to motivate Startup Founders to bring out their ideas and passions so as to bring about new and innovative firms in the marketplace.

Will the Startup Founders have to give up ownership of their firms?

No, the Chalo India Startup Drive is not a means to generate profit but is done on a pure pro bono basis, the winning startups will receive all the benefits without having to give up ownership of their firms. There will be certain riders on the usage of the money so as to prevent unnecessary expenses and improve the capital efficiency of the corpus.

On what criteria will a startup be shortlisted?

We will be analyzing the merit of the idea, uniqueness, incremental innovation done, job creation pos- sibility, market size, impact on the overall economy (local/national), and financial feasibility.

What benefits will Startup Founder's get after winning the Drive?

The Startup Founders will receive A pure cash infusion of Rs 1 lakh Manpower and Hiring Support Compliance and other legal sup- port Mentorship Access to physical offices premier locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kannur, Trivandrum, and Kochi Marketing and PR Support.

What kind of Startups can participate in Chalo India Startup Drive?

Any Startups that have an innova- tive idea and/or an idea of social relevance can participate. We will be accepting conventional Busi- ness Plans as well as non-conven- tional plans and all concepts and ideas will be judged upon their merit by a panel of esteemed judges.

Education For a Job

Income Sharing Agreement is a form of payment wherein the students do not have to pay the entire fees for their education during their learning period but rather can pay the fees once they get a job that pays a salary.